OpenUAS Version 1.0

Christopher Johannsen, Marcella Anderson, William Burken, Ellie Diersen, John Edgren, Colton Glick, John Levandowski, Evelyn Moyer, Taylor Roquet, Alexander VandeLoo, Stephanie Jou and Kristin Yvonne Rozier

This webpage contains supplementary data for "OpenUAS Version 1.0" by C. G. Johannsen, M. Anderson, W. Burken, E. Diersen, J. Edgren, C. Glick, J. Levandowski, E. Moyer, T. Roquet, A. VandeLoo, S. Jou and K. Y. Rozier.

This page holds some of the documentation referred to in the paper as well as supplement files developed as part of the project for reference.

Design Documents

Airfoil Selection [PDF]

Tail Sizing [PDF]

Flight Test Documents

Electronics Pre-flight Checklist [PDF]

Ground Test Procedures Template [PDF]

Flight Test Procedures Template [PDF]

Flight Test 1 Report [PDF]

Flight Test 1 Video [Video]