Integrating Runtime Verification into a
Sounding Rocket Control System

Benjamin Hertz, Zachary Luppen, Kristin Y. Rozier

This webpage contains research artifacts from "Integrating Runtime Verification into a
Sounding Rocket Control System"
by B. Hertz, Z. Luppen, and K. Y. Rozier

The Cyclone Rocketry Team is Iowa State University's premier high-powered rocketry student organization. Student engineers research, design, manufacture, and test all the components of a sounding rocket in order to compete at the Spaceport America Cup. The team's mission is to provide undergraduates with a hands-on opportunity to participate in rocketry otherwise unavailable in the classroom setting, as well as to excite the local community about rocketry through outreach. We thank the team for providing us with the launch data and figures used in this work. More information about Cyclone Rocketry and its sponsors can be found here: and CyRoc on Youtube.

The Cyclone Rocketry 2019 Spaceport America Cup competition team with Nova Somnium.
The Cyclone Rocketry 2020 launch team with new rocket Ortu Solis. R2U2 was supposed to fly embedded in the ACS at the 2020 competition, but the cup was cancelled due to COVID and launched later without altitude control.