More Scalable LTL Model Checking via Discovering Design-Space Dependencies (D3)

Rohit Dureja and Kristin Yvonne Rozier

This webpage contains details and artifacts for reproducibility of the experiments in "More Scalable LTL Model Checking via Discovering Design-Space Dependencies" by R. Dureja and K.Y. Rozier.


All artifacts for reproducibility are publicly available under the MIT License and available on Figshare. Alternatively, a local archived copy of the artifact can also be downloaded from here.

General comments

  • Reproducibility of artifacts relies on Python 2.7.x being installed, and accessible in the PATH environment.
  • Python is used to generate all plots from the paper. To recreate the plots make sure numpy and matplotlib are installed.
  • Every folder in the archive contains a README describing different files, folders, and scripts. Make sure to follow the steps detailed in these files.

For further information, contact Rohit Dureja.